Project description

During the Corona / COVID-19 contact closure, the local shops were closed for several weeks and later opened with and with large numbers of people. The idea came to a work colleague: a directory of local retailers and service providers who changed their distribution channel to shipping or take-away due to the situation. Every city should be able to support its beloved retailers and service providers. After the project was completed, however, the measures were relaxed again, making the project less attractive. What I will make of it in the future remains open.

Project details

Helft-Lokalen is set up for new cities with just a few clicks and can be reached as a subdomain (alá ac.hilft-lokalen.de). The list entries can be searched in a central location using free text search or sorted by filters. New entries are accepted via a dynamic form. Each entry is checked and verified manually, which means that the entry can then be found publicly.

Furthermore, Helft-Lokalen has an admin interface for authorized logins. Verifications, final deletion or the administration of categories can be done comfortably in the admin area.

Verification process

Unverified entries are listed chronologically. Each entry is displayed exactly as it will appear later on the page. This makes it easy to check the contents. After successful verification the entry becomes public.

Deleted objects

Entries can be "deleted" at short notice at help locations. This means that these ads are temporarily no longer publicly accessible. You can find them in the admin area under "Trash". Here the entries can be deleted or set to "public" again.

City administration

Adjustments to the individual city directory can also be made conveniently in the admin interface. This includes current:

  • city name
  • City abbreviation
  • Accent color
  • City logo

Category management

In the category management, predefined categories can be edited or deleted. New categories are created via separate input fields.

Tech Stack

  • Create React App (★ 76k) for development and test infrastructure (see user guide)
  • Material UI (★ 54k) to reduce development time by integrating Google's Material Design
  • React Dashboard (★ 2k) Free React Dashboard made with Material UI’s components
  • Reach Router (★ 6k) for declarative routing and client-side navigation
  • React Dropzone (★ 7k) Simple React hook to create a HTML5-compliant drag'n'drop zone for files.
  • TypeScript (★ 58k) TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript that compiles to clean JavaScript output.
  • Google Cloud & Firebase for serverless architecture - Cloud SQL, Cloud Functions, CDN hosting, file storage (docs)