Project description

As a software developer and web enthusiast I have one or the other domain in my possession. But it has always bothered me that "this one great domain" is already taken. So I attached myself to a number of APIs and built an interface that not only allows me to manage my domains but also to monitor domains that are already taken. If I put such domains on the "watchlist", the status is queried at regular intervals. As soon as the domain changes to a relevant status (shortly before expiration, cancelled, available on the open market), I will be informed via push notification / SMS / e-mail.

Tech Stack

  • Create React App (★ 76k) for development and test infrastructure (see user guide)
  • Material UI (★ 54k) to reduce development time by integrating Google's Material Design
  • React Dashboard (★ 2k) Free React Dashboard made with Material UI’s components
  • Reach Router (★ 6k) for declarative routing and client-side navigation
  • React Dropzone (★ 7k) Simple React hook to create a HTML5-compliant drag'n'drop zone for files.
  • TypeScript (★ 58k) TypeScript is a superset of JavaScript that compiles to clean JavaScript output.
  • Google Cloud & Firebase for serverless architecture - Cloud SQL, Cloud Functions, CDN hosting, file storage (docs)