to be so rough

Who I am

Although I have always developed software, I have tried countless other things. An apprenticeship as an information electronics engineer, a period in Belgian industry and even a period as an insurance broker adorn my career like wildly mixed-up clothes. My pearls are more likely to include a Bachelor of Science degree (Communication and Multimedia Design), an early and steady career as a freelancer, and a successful start-up.



[2020 - today]

CLINQ.ai | sipgate GmbH

Since 2020 there is a new focus in my team and I am happy to be part of it. Under CLINQ.ai we bundle a big sipgate canvas: Artificial Intelligence. With the AI-First approach, we optimize telephony for our customers and augment live conversations with useful information. It is a lot of fun to dive into the depths of machine learning. My daily tasks include data acquisition, model training and the provision of the infrastructure.

[2018 - 2020]

CLINQ | sipgate GmbH

In 2018 I found an ideal working environment at sipgate. As a software developer I work on CLINQ. CLINQ is newly conceived business telephony for teams => Ingenious workflows for sales people with ideal connections to a wide range of CRMs.

[2015 - 2018]

wdj UG (limited liability)

A lot of ideas and motivation led me in 2015 to found a company together with my colleagues in order to develop things that the market needs. The result was a very solid web agency with a loyal client base and many great projects, from small to large. But despite the success, I missed the implementation of the original idea at the time of founding. That's why I decided to leave the company as managing director and look for interesting companies on the market.

[XXXX - 2015]

Many great things

I'm trying to summarize the time a little: Awesome! I don't think they will be able to say that I left anything out. One of my characteristics is that I am interested in different areas and enjoy life. Therefore here only a summary of my professional career:

  • For many years I worked as a freelancer on and for various projects.
  • A great study as Bachlor of Sience at the FH-Aachen (Communication and Multimedia Design).
  • I spent a formative time in the agency world and learned what it means when topics are passed back and forth.
  • A detour into the insurance industry with the licence to the tö... ehm... Sell insurances.
  • An apprenticeship as information electronics technician and subsequent three years in the activity on the way.